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Sanctuary - interior

My take on gothic cathedral.

Cathedrals. Im always in awe while entering one of these. If you relax and breath in the space, you can sense the uplifting strength that the architecture radiates. You almost feel like you are being taken up to the heaven. It's really easy to see how the gothic architecture works so well with the ideas of Christianity. And that is exactly what I wanted to convey in this piece. I used many photos of churches and cathedrals that I made during years and constructed my own ideal cathedral, adjusting or removing everything that compromised the feeling I was after. Disorting the perspective while keeping it believeable was especially tricky and took me the longest time. I was very serious about this up to the point that I learned a lot about gothic art and architecture and spend awful lot of time contemplating Prague's medieval churches. That is, by the way, somethi

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Tomas honz finalchurch

Tomas Honz - Sanctuary interior