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Enemy mech ahead!

This one was done for a competition, I don't remember the name but it was back in 2013 and it had to have a mech in it. At the time I was still into scifi and fantasy and I was fine with painting a scene like this. Later that year I kinda shifted my attention away of the video games and movies. Anyways it is still a special image. I set the story into my own neighborhood. The street and the buildings are all real places that I walked by countless times. I also used one of my plein air studies for the lightning and color scheme. I really believe that photographs don't match what our bodies see. And do we want to paint things as seen by cameras or as seen by our own eyes? I certainly prefer the latter. Nowadays I can't imagine working without thousands of plein air paintings in my library. I always use them to get my colors right. I would advise any artist to do the same and to explore the real world out there, not just the one inside of computer screens.

Enemy mech ahead  by merl1ncz d5xo2oo